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Company Introduction

Over the years, in the constant tempering of market competition, the company has gradually formed its own corporate culture

Plum blossom stick

HimC Precision Machinery (Kun Shan) Co.,Ltd. was established in 2017, focusing on inner hexagonal punches, hexagonal punches, plum blossom punches, plum blossom punches, European standard screw punches, cold heading punches, rotary punches, rotating The production, processing and sales of cutting tool holders, PCM rotary tool holders, and punching tool holders of the core machine are mainly for the use of major core machines and cold heading machines.

Cooperative brands: Tsugami TSUGAMI, STAR, Citizen CITIZEN, Miyano Miyano and other domestic and foreign brands Hyundai Swiss PCM precision rotary punching toolholders, HIMC punches are perfectly combined with PCM rotary toolholders to achieve better cutting results, and The long service life of the punch!


Product Center

The company's products are mainly used in optoelectronics, communications, electronics, instrumentation


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A comprehensive intelligent technology enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service